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Ceramic tile of choose and buy instant method See and don't fall for it

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Tile market is a huge market, not only a large number of brands everywhere, the product is numerous, in addition to product color, the light product material can let consumers as we smoke and mirrors. In order to let everyone in the future purchase to avoid business traps, away from the 忽悠, Xiao Bian finishing a variety of tiles to buy skills, help consumers become a small ceramic tricks to buy.

1, look at the back of brick, the color is pure. Generally pure color display for the milky white (partial white), can not be black, can not be yellow, the surface has no black spots, black hair to prove that the brick itself has impurities, impurities, the density of the brick must decline, usually in the process Prone to fracture, damage. But the brick body is very white on the back of white is not normal, indicating that too much use of zirconium silicate raw materials, the national test tiles are not one of the radioactive is the amount of zirconium silicate raw materials, zirconium silicate raw materials can make brick White light, but the zirconium silicate is also one of the main killers of radioactive, must pay attention.

2, to see whether the granite side of the tile is fine and even. Granules are large, rough, then the brick body density crisp, the use of the process will certainly be a problem, give a simple example: you get the house when the hair is generally the embryo, the walls are very rough surface, when you use Putty powder after the wall is relatively smooth, delicate, and you use such a standard to see just fine.

3, the brick stand up, hand tapping the brick body, the more crisp the sound to prove that the higher the density of brick, the better the quality, the more dull the tones to prove that the worse the density of tiles, tiles, anti-fouling,

4, if it is to buy polished tiles (600 specifications above the tiles), hand touch the brick body surface (hand touch). Start to feel more smooth proof of the brick surface of the pinhole less, the higher the ability of anti-fouling, as long as not in the bathroom or the kitchen do not have to worry about non-slip problem.

5, the same color to see the brick surface gloss. The general floor tiles are placed on the ramp on the ramp, there will be above the spotlights or fluorescent, you want to see these bulbs in the brick surface of the shadow (like the same mirror), the more clear the shadow of the brick The higher the hardness of the brick body is stronger, the higher the durability, the more the more the bubble shadow to prove the lower the hardness of the brick. Note: here I am referring to the polished tiles Oh, and when the contrast must be the same color, you can not use yellow brick and white brick to compare.

6, if it is to buy antique brick, then the same hand touch brick body positive. Feel the brick surface of the glaze is delicate, and then close the eyes to watch, glaze granules are rough and so on. Buy antique brick is a special attention to the quality of glaze, you can let the sales staff detailed description of the glaze production process, because the glaze is antique brick life, and the color is the soul of antique brick, so the color must be more Comparison of home, to see whether the color is pure, pick a color from the more pure product on the basic OK.

7, if it is to buy tiles (wall), then look at the brick body side of the embryo body and glaze between the glaze to see the thickness. Too thin can not be, because a long time there will be a broken situation or there will be seepage. Look at the surface of the tiles glaze is bright, glaze bright and good quality.

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