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7 star standard "marble tiles to buy the details of the standard

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Looking at the brand in the building materials market, in the quality and price of uneven products, to find a Yanmei, high quality, reasonable price of marble tiles is not easy, so many people Said the purchase process will appear in varying degrees of confusion and anxiety. In the future, with the "marble tiles 7 star standard" as a buy buy guide, you can rest assured and happy to buy.

    Some people may worry: this standard will not be too "tall", outsiders consumers may not understand or use. You do not have to worry about this, this is not an expert pure YY, but standing in the consumer point of view to develop real, simple and convenient way to judge, the most ground and authority to tell consumers what is good marble ceramic tile. Here, you have to see, "7 star standard" marble tiles details of what is the.

    Details of a: stone reduction degree ≧ 99.9%

    Fidelity is the life of marble tiles, pay attention to the greatest extent the original stone style on the tile. Its stone reduction degree ≧ 99.9% is the quality of marble tiles.

    Simple method of discrimination: the ceramic tile and natural marble comparison, in addition to impurities under the premise of similarity is better.

    Details of two: stone texture is not repeated area ≧ 5 square meters

    In the home space, the texture of the rich tiles will make a room look smooth and smooth, continuous and enjoy the wonderful visual enjoyment, and repeated texture will make the room look blunt, dull, stone texture is not repeated area ≧ 5 square Rice is a good marble tiles essential qualities.

    Simple identification method: extract a box of tiles on the ground, see whether the pattern is repeated, the lower the degree of repeat, the better the decorative effect.

    Details of the three: the screen for the accuracy of 360DPI 0 grid high-precision printing

    Grid problems have always been an important factor in the high quality of marble tiles, like the world's leading 5D Symphony inkjet process can be this defect to the lowest, so that brick body finer more vivid, more high-definition. 7 star standard marble tiles, the surface texture should be accurate 360DPI 0 mesh high precision jet printing.

    Simple identification method: to see whether the pattern is clear, good quality tiles should not appear fuzzy texture, mechanical printing marks obvious problems, from the tiles 10CM Department of the naked eye can not see the grid for the top grade.

    Details of four: water absorption ≦ 0.05% (GB ≦ 0.5%)

    Water absorption has always been one of the criteria to measure the quality of ceramic tile, low moisture absorption of the tiles is not easy to absorb dirt, take care is also more convenient. Meet the 7 star standard marble tiles, water absorption should be less than or equal to 0.05%.

    Simple identification method: the water droplets in the back of the tile, water infiltration slow or no water, the greater the density of the tile, the better the quality.

    Details of five: brick Mohs hardness ≧ 6

    The higher the Mohs hardness, the more durable the tiles. If the hardness of the tiles is insufficient, the tiles will be very susceptible to damage, 7-star standard tiles, brick body Mohs hardness should be greater than or equal to 6.

   Simple identification method: with a hard iron plate such as blade in the tile surface paddling, no scratches for the top grade.

   Details six: anti-pollution coefficient ≧ 5

   Tile self-cleanliness comes from the tiles of the tiles of the degree of density, the higher the degree of density, the more difficult to penetrate into the tiles stains. The anti-fouling factor should be greater than or equal to 5 levels to meet the requirements of the 7-star standard tiles.

    Simple identification method: the ink, soy sauce, vinegar and other drops on the tile surface, waiting for a moment after wiping clean, no residue for the top grade.

    Details of seven: per square meter tile weight ≧ 25Kg

    Different brands, the same size of the tiles, the higher the weight on behalf of the more solid tiles, the more material, the density is about high. Non-compliance, cut corners of the product will affect the durability of the product, marble tile density to meet the weight per square meter of ceramic ≧ 25Kg.

    Easy to determine the method: the different marble tiles cut into the same size weighing comparison, the better.

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