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Ceramic brand line to be selected to upgrade your space quality

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In the decoration of the building to buy building materials, the tiles are essential. Tile brand, ceramic first-line brand is also a lot of customers in the specific selection of the time, will generally select those who are relatively well-known, and product quality assurance brand. Here first to tell you about the decoration of the kitchen, the application of tiles should pay attention to what part of it!

    Kitchen articles

    1. Ground tiles to be slippery

    The kitchen is one of the most humid places, the ground is not wet to avoid, in this case the most worried about is the non-slip problem, so the decoration of the kitchen floor, the biggest point is that the tiles to non-slip. Xiaobian suggested that the kitchen floor is best paved matte tiles, it is the most tiles to meet the requirements of the kitchen non-slip.

    2. Wall tiles to moisture

    Many people in the decoration of the kitchen in order to save the tiles of the trouble, often wall brick tiles mixed with, in fact, the wall is a pottery products, and tiles are porcelain products, their physical characteristics are different. Ceramic brick water absorption rate of about 10%, water absorption than only 0.5% of the ceramic tile to be many times higher Floor tiles of low water absorption, suitable for laying the ground. The wall is made of glazed pottery, the moisture content is high, its back is rough, so that the adhesive is attached to the wall. Xiaobian reminded, the kitchen is a big place where the water vapor, wall tiles should pay attention to moisture, so the kitchen can not mix wall tiles, to choose the best moisture-resistant glazed tiles.

    3. Decorative tiles to be easy to clean

    The kitchen is the most oily place and needs to be cleaned regularly, so the kitchen tiles to choose easy to clean the tiles. Tiles are glazed tiles, tiles, tiles, tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles, mosaics and other tiles, but for cleaning considerations, it is recommended not to use mosaic in the kitchen, because the mosaic each piece of small, After that, there will be a lot of cracks, easy to filth, inconvenient to clean.

    4. Tiles should be harmonized

    Kitchen decoration wall is best to light-based, tiles are selected with deep color matching. If the pursuit of a unified visual effects, the best color of the kitchen tiles and cabinets are the same color. If you like a strong visual impact and fashion avant-garde style, the best color tile and cabinet color contrast, can be contrasting color, so that the two can complement each other.

    5. Kitchen decoration tiles to small size

    In general, the kitchen space is relatively small, so it is not suitable for the selection of large-size tiles, or it would seem very crowded kitchen, it is recommended that the best choice of small and medium size tiles, visual extension of the role, Save tiles cut the project, but also reduce the loss of waste tiles, saving decoration costs.

    Through the above description, I believe we have on how to choose the kitchen with a tiled tile with a deeper understanding and understanding of the decoration effect will have a greater confidence.

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